Friday, January 21, 2011

Fashion Sketching class - just. what I need!

I just signed up for a Fashion Sketching class at my local vocational college.  I'm a terrible sketcher and I think it's really hurt my ability to convey the design I'm submitting to an editor or publisher.  I hope she can really help me - not sure what she can possibly do to improve my drawing abilities.  I personally think I'm hopeless - but we'll see.

Classes don't start until mid-March but I'm excited to learn something new again.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Sandra Singh exclusive design

I finally have a few pictures that I can share of my Sandra Singh ( design using her own yarn--which by the way has a buttery-Malabrigo feel to it.  The test knitting will be done in Malabrigo #37 Lettuce (I love my greens!).

Sandra asked me to design a hoodie/scarf using her yarn.  I started designing and swatching in December - which is never a good time to begin a project.  I struggled with all of my stitch patterns because it became too busy against her variegated yarn.  So I ripped it out and started fresh. This new design has 3 cables that frame the face.  I started with a provisional cast on in the intent to finish the top of the hat using a kitchener graft or 3-needle bind off-depending on the knitters skill set.  This top down hoodie will finish with a continuous cable for the scarf and a fat button placed on the side of the scarf.  I just hit my local yarn shop ( and found the perfect button.  I'll cast on stitches to each end of the hat to create the scarf, add a button hole and voila, I should have hoodie scarf in time for this long winter we are having. 

I still have plenty of yarn left (I started with 2 skeins) - so I'll also create an all cabled matching cowl so that there is no left over yarn.  2 projects, 1 pattern and 2 skeins of yarn - gotta love a good deal.  And....the yarn is very well priced (click on link to purchase)

Sandra Singh yarn details: 
1 Ply Merino Worsted, 100% Merino Wool, 215 yds, colorway China Sea

Don't you love the buttons!  This is the year of the buttons!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My 2011 New Years Resolutions

I understand that most New Years Resolutions never make it past the first week of January.  I also understand that many people have just given up on the idea of even attempting to write down and verbalize what they would like to do to improve themselves.  I am learning more and more about myself as I age and one of the things is that I am much more traditional than I ever thought I would be.

I may not remember what I listed last year as my resolutions and I may not have followed them as I wanted to --- but I still like the idea of writing down a list of my hopeful accomplishments in hopes that my sub-conscious mind keeps a running tab on this list and that I at least veer in that direction even if only in the slightest of ways.

So - my New Years Resolution for 2011...drum roll please.

1- Better organize my time
between the things I must do and the things I love to do. This means designating so many hours a day to my "work" being knitting and giving me the time I need to run the household, garden, cook and workout.  I was lopsided much of last year and my garden and dirty dishes were ignored much of the year. 

2- Knit only for myself
during my knitting group get togethers. 
This means the Common Ground sweater (the Brown Stitch co), The Evening Gala sweater (Nicky Epstein) and my very own design - the Shorty Tam, the only hat that actually looks good on me.
When your passion becomes your job (and I pinch myself every day!), you tend to forget about your personal knitting time and your time becomes consumed with other peoples knitting and deadlines.  As much as I enjoy this, I have nothing to show for myself.
3- Take care of myself a bit better. 
Take my supplements on a daily basis, get some sun or at least fresh air for 15 minutes a day for vitamin D, find time to exercise daily, eat better and less!  I do all of the above but at times I am sporatic and find it all a chore.  I need to re-look at all of this as a pleasant and gratifying experience over a need.    

4-Continue to find time for me and my friends,
take the time to lounge (with no feelings of guilt!) with my tea and a great book in a big cozy chair or outside on a lounge chair)...time to pick fresh flowers for my dream more.  Time to slow down and recognize how beautiful each day can be. 

I hope that you also find the time to reflect on 2010 and improvements to 2011 - even if it just means just finding more time for yourself.

Happy New Years!  May you find Happiness, Health and Peace!

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