Monday, June 29, 2009

Gone Test back soon

I finally finished writing up this Preppy Boy's Tweed Vest. I've made 2 of them already but have 5 people test knitting the various sizes. It's a simple pattern using Naturally "Buttons" yarn but the back is done in stockinette stitch while the front is worked in cables - thus different stitch gauges. So I have the front and back being worked on different numbers with a faux seam dividing them. It works out great - as long as I don't throw off my test knitters. I even charted it and added schematics. My schematics and charts aren't exactly professional (still using good ole Excel sheets!) but I'll have to conquer Illustrator this fall when I have time to learn it. I also need my husband to professionally photograph it - as the cables and color aren't great. Due out this August.....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

(WWKIPD) Knit in Public Day

I found a Ravelry test knitter to test knit my Cascade Baby Alpaca Grande
Winter Cables scarf. She is living in Tasmania - and she was on her way (okay - so I'm blogging about it a couple weeks after the fact..) to knit in the World Wide Knit in Public Day in Tasmania! Wow - it really is worldwide! Tasmania may be half a world away from where I live, but Ravelry ( has just made our knitting world alot smaller! Amazing......

Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm back from TNNA

Great trip - what can I say? Started with a perfect flight, excellent classes with Cat Bordhi and Sally Melville, re-connected with long distant partners and friends, networked with new partners and future friends, ate excellent food - and had hours and hours of undisturbed knitting!
The trip ended with a perfect return flight and hours and hours of air-time knitting...I'm a little tired though as I got in at 1 am my time or 4 am Columbus time and had to get the kids off to school - no adjustment period for me!

My official badge. I actually had an exhibitor badge for Crystal Palace yarns too since I was dropping off some samples for their booth.
It was fun going behind the scenes while the shops were setting up - what a huge job! All of the furniture, bookshelves and yarns must be shipped in. I can't imagine the cost and labor behind this event.

The city of Columbus - or what I saw of it, is quaint. It's just charming. Cat insisted that everyone try the famous Jeni's ice cream so I had the fully loaded salty caramel -macaroon ice cream cookie rolled in smoked almonds. It was heavenly - and you'll be seeing it on my back thighs if I ever wear short shorts again. The best part of all was that my kids deeply missed me and made me this welcome home banner that was taped over my bedroom door. They wanted to buy me a mylar balloon and flowers - but my husband didn't want to look too over-excited---that's okay, I love my banner. Besides, I know he missed me because I couldn't get him off the phone when I called...that's a tale tale sign of being lonely.
Unfortunately, no pictures could be taken in the exhibit hall - but all of the vendors did a wonderful job displaying their gorgeous yarns. I was so busy meeting up with people and thanking vendors who have supplied me with yarn and opportunity that I really didn't have much down time to just wander around aimlessly. There is so much to see and do that I am sure I missed more than I realized. I left Columbus with a 4-page "To Do" list for when I get back into town. This is surely becoming a full time job for me - and I'm smiling along the way....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm unable to take your call right now...

Class supplies - check
knitting for on the plane - check
knitting for in the hotel - check
knitting for on the way home - check
knitting to swatch - check
business cards - check
models for Crystal Palace Yarns - check
clothes for a hot and humid location - check
patterns/porfolio/meeting times/names and locations email - check

alarm clock set for 2 am - check
2nd alarm clock set for 2:05 am - check
3rd alarm clock set for 2:15 - check

Okay - I'm good.
Recording: "I'm unable to take your call right now, please
leave me your name and number and I'll get back to you as
soon as I can. Thank you and have a nice day." stop recording.

Now for my prayer:
Fold hands, bow head, close eyes: "Please get me there and back safely as I would be utterly
embarrassed if someone saw and had to disperse my
knitting projects, frogs, WIP's, queued projects, swatches and partial
skeins - for just in case. Amen...."

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sneek Preview into Fall Hat

I've finished my Mini-Mochi Subtley Cabled hat (Autumn color #107) just in time for TNNA next week. The hat will be on display at the Crystal Palace Yarn Booth #413, 415, 512- so stop on by and see how gorgeous Mini Mochi knits up! The child size model uses 1 skein of Mini Mochi (awsome price point) while the adult size will take barely 2 skeins. I have my girlfriend Sherri test knitting the adult size as I write. This yarn is definitely on my list of favorites. The down side to this yarn is it is fingering weight which takes alot longer to knit up and is more tedious. The upside to this is I'm thinking of publishing the pattern in both Mini Mochi and Mochi Plus weights so you can pick and choose the yarn weight you prefer while still having the same gorgeous outcome. Mochi Plus is due out any day I'll have to hunt it down next. Ooooo- it should be at TNNA...better make room in my luggage for extra castaways.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

cranking out Fall Designs

I'm in the midst of cranking out my Fall 2009 Designs. I've got more designs in my head than I have on paper - and even less on the needles. I'm working the small projects first- hats/scarves and mittens and I have the sweaters sketched out and most of them swatched. I thought this way, I could start getting the quick projects test knit while I work on the sweaters. That way, if I run out of time, at least I have something going to print. I have several long vacations coming up as well as a very long flight to Columbus for TNNA so I should have some good knitting time between now and August.

I'll keep you posted on my fall designs...along with some tantalizing photos to keep your interest.

Gotta go, I have mini-mochi "Autumn #107" calling my name!

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