Thursday, July 30, 2009

What constitutes a true friend???

As I wipe sweat from my forehead in our non-air conditioned home where the tempatures have soared past 100 degrees, I realize that I have found the meaning to a good friendship. I have a few of which is to photograph a super bulky vest in super hot wool. So - with the deadline fast approaching, I realize that I am still in need a 1 last photograph. So who can I call at the last minute that I know will drop what she's doing for a friend??? Yup, my knitting BFF - aka On her way out to dinner - she stops by my house, dons on a long sleeved shirt, pulls on the 5 lbs. of super bulky wool and poses for the camera. Yes, I can hardly focus because my face thinks it's getting a facial! And I'm the one in shorts and a tank top! She never complained, she let me pose her and re-pose her in the 99 degree shade.

Now, I probably would not have come to know her and like her as I have if it weren't for knitting. She, as well as a small group of friends meet once a week to knit. There is where we actually can chat and really learn about eachother that just wouldn't be possible at school, while volunteering together or with kids demanding our attention. What other hobby allows you to sit down and chat with a friend while accomplishing something at the same time? I've tried that while playing tennis - but I'm too out of breath or I can't hear her without my hearing aids. Knitting is truly more than a has brought be some great friends that I have known and seen in the school hallways for years yet would have never gotten to know them on the level that I have if it wasn't for our mutual interest and passion in knitting. If don't have a knitting group - I urge you to find one. I never expected to gain such good friends out of a knitting group - and I wish I had had the courage to start this group up years ago.

Thank you Sherri -

Monday, July 27, 2009

Reviewing, refreshing, enlarging and updating patterns

I made a Unisex Vest out of an unknown Anny Blatt yarn probably about 1999. I ran out of yarn about 2 inches shy of its completion and since my husband purchased it in Switzerland, I was unable to obtain another skein. So - that's where the cropped design came about. Years later, a friend of mine re-knit it and tested the pattern for me, using Cascade Ecological Wool ( She was making it for her son - so that's where the idea of offering the pattern in 2 lengths came about. Afterall, what guy would want to wear a cropped vest? Since then, I have taken some great design classes and thought it was time to re-visit my first design patterns to see if they needed updating. Aaaarghhhh...I'm embarrassed by my lack of instructions! So, I have spent the last few weeks, reknitting this same ole vest...adding an extra-small (now in 7 sizes) for those tweeners out there and adding more detail to my instructions. Pattern goes from 32" to 58" bust. I have also contracted out a tech editor to add schematics until I can find the time to learn it myself. The new and improved pattern will be available this August. On to my next review.....

Friday, July 24, 2009

Stitch -n Pitch, Cheney Stadium

What game?? I was so busy chatting, I hardly saw the game. I think I got 1 row done - if that.

The first annual Stitch 'n Pitch at the Tacoma Rainiers game and guess who threw the first pitch???? The
one and only "French Girl Knits" - aka Kristeen Griffin-Grimes. I liked her book and patterns before I met her and now that I've had the chance to chat with her (even split the last gardenburger with her!) - I am truly in awe and inspired by her and her designs. She's really a neat person and if you haven't had a chance to flip through her book "French Girl Knits" - you really otta.

And who else but Sonya Acord (owner of Yorkshire Yarns in Lakewood) to sing the National Anthem! I was in the field photographing but wasn't sure if I could walk on the diamonds to photograph Sonya - especially during the National Anthem. She did a fabulous job.

It was a blast. I hope they end up making this an annual event.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Where do you like to knit?????

Where do you like to knit?????
I prefer to knit in the kiddie pool........
I get a tan, it keeps me cool and I can still knit and participate in pool activities.
Oh and for those who care, I'm knitting with Cascade Ecological Wool (tarnish color) ( - I'm re-knitting my Unisex cabled Vest.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Twined Mittens in New Fall "Taos" colors

I've been twining away in the new fall Taos colors.

Chili Pepper Red (#27), Kailab (#26) and Wintergreen (#25). Last years Hopi brown (#10 I think) jumped in the picture as well.
So...once again I was attempting to work these mittens using just 1 skein of Taos yarn (128 yds). I seem to have a fettish about 1-skein knits! Well, all of the mittens will use just one skein - except for my large mittens which fit my husband perfectly. I was halfway through my shaping decreases when I realized I am about 15 yds short of yarn. So...I'll be yanking this second mitten out to re-knit it in a smaller size. It's not the end of the world, I just can't call this pattern a 1-skein knit project - even though 3 of the 4 sizes will only use a skein. Well - I guess that 2 skeins of Taos will then make 1 men's sized pair of mittens and a pair of toddler mittens. Not bad for about $17.00 eh?
This pattern will be available this August.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hill's Resort

Summer begins for me at Hill's Resort (Priest Lake, Idaho). It's a week of basking in the sun, reading trashy People and US magazines (great week for that....Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Kate Plus almost took me the entire week to get through the magazine articles!), napping, picking huckleberries (I froze enough to bring home to savour this winter), floating in the raft and heading to the bar everynight to play cards with our dear friends. I even got a lot of knitting done - although not nearly as much as I needed to! By the time we got home, my garden was bursting at the seams! I harvested all of my garlic, my remaining pie cherries and loads of raspberries, blueberries, beets with girth and fat shelling peas. I even had an entire colander of baby potatoes which will become this weeks hashbrowns. My boysenberries will be ready within the week and my black currants are perfect for picking now. I think I'll make black currant jam tomorrow. I cooked down the pie cherries and will stuff them into swedish pancakes tomorrow for breakfast. I think I need to harvest my Walla Walla onions tomorrow as well. I even had some sweet cherries off of my 3 year old cherry tree that I thought the birds would get to before me. Life is sweet - especially when surrounded by free food!
As for my knitting....I'll report on that tomorrow. I had some yarn waiting for me on my door step and I have some fall designs that I finished on vacation that need photographing.

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