Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day photo shoot

Is There anything better than a photoshoot with babies?  Just one word describes this moment....precious, precious, precious!
It almost makes you want to have another one -

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Textured Socks - Fall design

These socks were created for Crown Mountain Farms - Sock Hop Club (  Sherri Hazen, my loyal test knitter, test knit up these socks using Cascade Heritage solid sock yarn (  She fell in love with this yarn - while I fell in love with the color (#5630).  It's a cuff down, simple 2 row pattern repeat with an oversized cable running down the center. 
Due out this summer as part of the fall collection.....
Thanks Sherri - you do awesome work -but I still think you have a knitting machine!  No one can knit as fast as you!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A designers deadline list

TNNA is just around the corner.  For those of you who don't know what that is - it's a Needle Arts convention for yarn companies, designers, yarn shop owners, publishers, authors and teachers.  It is the only one I attend and it's where the fall yarns, patterns and gadgets are unveiled.  It's also where I get to be amongst thousands of my closest yarn hoarding, obsessed knitting friends!  It's the only trip I get to take away from husband and kids - and where I can knit until my fingers fall off!  I always take a few classes as it's fun for me to see the different teaching techniques, not to mention all of the new tricks I learn. 

I am so excited about this trip but the work leading up to this trip is so involved.  Here's a short list of what I need to accomplish prior to jumping on the exactly 16 days.....
1) finalize seamless short sweater pattern
2) tech edit seamless short sweater pattern
3) finalize lil summer dress pattern
4) tech edit lil summer dress pattern
5) photograph lil summer dress pattern
6) send lil summer dress pattern to printers
7) bring 100 copies of dress pattern to TNNA for pattern signing
8) finish up cowl neckline of lovin summer shell
9) finalize lovin summer shell pattern
10) tech edit summer shell pattern
11) photograph summer shell pattern
12) send off mass email to retailers - announcing my pattern signing at TNNA
13) swatch up hat for Zealana
14) knit up hat for Zealana
15) do homework for TNNA classes
16) finalize Fiesta yarns project (not for TNNA but due at the same time)
17) create an instructional YouTube video on the trim piece of the lil summer dress

Let me also mention that I just did 3 photoshoots using "moi" as the model in an effort to meet a deadline for an Ad due out this August.  I missed the deadline by a day - but I think they'll still take it.  I had issues with wanting to send a headless sweater to the graphic artist, who in turn told me to get over it and just keep my head in the picture.  She finds headless sweaters rather disturbing which cracked me up and I now have to re-think my philosophy of beheading all of my models.  I learn something everyday and when I'm not learning, I am forced to re-think my path. 

Yes - in addition to this long overwelming list, I still have to feed the family, care for the home (a tad), volunteer at both schools and sleep if possible.

More photos are in the works....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Feminine Flair Jacket Fall Design

Here it is....the Feminine Flair Jacket - available this fall.  This jacket is a simple top down cardigan using a larger needle than the yarn called for to keep it light and airy.  Simple ribbing is strategically placed under the arms, center of the arms and center of the back to give subtle shaping and texture.  A ribbing is placed at the rib cage to pull in slightly, then an even larger needle is worked for the skirting to give the sweater movement and to avoid becoming too heavy in weight (this is a chunky yarn - ).   The construction makes this sweater extremely flattering for all body types.  For those of us less endowed, the closure can be moved over to create a criss cross/overlapping bodice.  I love working outside the norm - meaining working on larger needles than expected to give this chunky yarn more movement and allowing the sweater to be worn year round as opposed to just the cold winter months.  It also uses less yarn which makes it a more economical sweater as well.  You can also shorten the skirt - which would be just as cute. 

Sweater will be available for viewing at TNNA, Columbus at the Zealana Booth.  The pattern will be available for purchase mid-summer.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sock club sneak preview

Crown Mountain is just about to ship out their 2nd shipment in the Sock Hop club.  Here's a sneak preview of the pattern that goes along with the hand spun / hand dyed yarn.  This colorway is called Shadow on the Wall and compliments the stitch patterns perfectly.  For more information on the Sock Hop Club, go to
I must have swatched a good 10 ideas/sketches before coming up with this one.  Many of my thoughts just didn't work well with either the sock itself (too restricting, too difficult, doesn't stand out against the yarn).  I also have to take into account that this is a general sock club with 50 knitters - from every knitting level and from every age group and region so it's really hard to come up with something that you think will appease everyone.  I hope I was able to achieve that.  The pattern is an easy repetitive pattern and the cables are only worked every 24 rounds.  I have my trustworthy test knitter, Sherri Hazen, knitting the sock up in Cascade "Heritage solids" in a beautiful blue (color #5630).  I love to show socks in both a solid and a variegated  yarn as they both look totally different from one another.

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