Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hat unveiling...

I take weeks - even months to create a pattern with variegated yarns. I love variegated yarns but they're so exquisitely beautiful that they really need no fancy stitch pattern what so ever. So, when I am asked to design with these hand-dyed yarns, I usually drag my feet. So once again, asked me to create a hat based on his hand-spun hand dyed Sock Hop yarn (color Atlantis). Well, after numerous swatches and unsatisfying results, I found a subtle cable that I incorporated with a simple rib stitch. The ribbing gives the hat a nice elasticity while the cable keeps boredom at bay. I thought that the cable would also make the hat more handsome and more gender generic. So - voila, here it is. The pattern is really slated for Fall 2009 so the only place the hat pattern will be available until then is through Crown Mountain Farms. Klaus of Crown Mountain will have it at his booth at the Northwest Regional Spinners Conference in Tacoma, Wa June 4th - 7th (see attached link for location and times). His next event will be at The Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon June 19th - 21st. Stop by and say hi and tell him I sent you!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Teaching future knitters

Today was a great - if not exhausting day. My knitting buddies and I went to our kids' elementary school to teach knitting. Every year, they have this day called "Imagination Celebration" where the children get to pick from 30 different activities - ranging from hip hop to building bird houses. There are 3 sessions (1 hour each) and the kids get to request what sessions they want. I have been doing this event for the past 4 years and it's so much fun. Every year it exhausts me and I question if I want to do it again. Last year, while I was walking to my daughters class room after this event, a little girl ran clear across the playground to thank me for teaching her to knit. I had to hold back the tears...and then I walked on cloud 9 for the rest of the day. It's not that the kids are difficult to teach, it's that it's painful to watch them pull their knitting needles apart from one another as far as they can go or watching stitches fling off their needles - never to be caught again. Or, their dexterity needs to be oiled like the tin man. Some get frustrated but about halfway through the class you can hear the kids mumbling how much fun it is and how they want to do it again next year. We even had 3 boys this year. Later, the teachers come up to me and let me know how proud their students were when they walked back to class wearing their friendship bracelet or choker. So today, we taught 32 - 3rd to 5th graders how to knit. It's been a good day.....I could use a nap though!
Thanks Sherri, Sue and Kristen - I couldn't have done it without you!

Monday, May 4, 2009

I've fallen in love...again...

Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you that I gravitate towards the solid earth toned balls of yarn. I'm a bit boring to say the least but I find it exciting to create a design using a blank canvas. Most, if not all of my designs are working in solid colors. I just find that variegated yarns tend to overwelm most designs. It's like a fight to see who stands out more - the color palette or the stitch pattern.
Well - I've fallen in love with this hand dyed - homespun hank of sock yarn. It was sent to me by Crown Mountain Farms is having a booth at in Portland, OR
(May 15 - 17) and will be carrying my full line of patterns. He asked that I knit up a sock sample for him to help show the sock yarn. The one pictured is called "She's like a rainbow" - and it is just gorgeous. I absolutely love this yarn! I must make a sweater out of it - of course, this will take some time! If you happen to be in the Portland area next weekend- stop by the booth and take a look at these hand dyed yarns - they're utterly scrumptious!

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