Friday, December 20, 2013

My big bad girls weekend away

Even though I turned 50 almost 11 months ago, I finally had my girls spa weekend away with my best friend of nearly 40 years.  Our intention was to hike, do a few spa treatments, eat some healthy organic food and celebrate our accomplishments to date.  Knitting was not supposed to be part of the trip aside from a few rows here and there while in flight. 
However, keeping in tradition, I thought I better knit on a few red rocks in between catching my breathe and enjoying the views. 
And of course, there is nothing more exciting than literally falling upon a yarn shop or two!  One, happened to be literally across the street from our hotel.  I couldn't have planned that if I had tried! 
The other one was in Jerome, Arizona
and I was just peeping into store front windows when I fell upon my 2nd yarn shop. 
Both had a little something that I needed which completely fulfilled my trip and treasures.
I have another adventure about to happen this weekend and I have already been told that there is at least 1 if not 2 wonderful yarn shops in the area.  Stay tuned.......

Friday, September 13, 2013

Mink and Cashmere come together!

Modeled by my niece, Elizabeth
You haven't knit until you have knit with mink and cashmere combined!  This duo set will make you happy from the time you cast on to the time you wear them.  Every last inch of this precious yarn is used to make the 2 projects out of 1 skein of yarn.
Meribel by (70% mink, 30% cashmere in DK weight)
Yarn may be purchased at Rainy Day Yarns in Gig Harbor, WA
and also available on-line at

buttons by
Both projects are knit in the flat using simple stitch patterns that compliment the yarn.  The faux cable is just that, not a cable but it looks like one.  The fingerless glovettes are also knit in the flat so that every last inch of yarn can be utilized! 

Pattern available soon ....

just lining up my test knitters and tech editor!

Monday, August 12, 2013

This is what makes me smile....

As a designer, I rarely hear where my design ideas go, who gets them, who likes them, who even finishes them and who gets touched by them.  Well, I just received a heart warming email today that pretty much summed up what I was hoping for.  This is what makes me smile.....


I just wanted to share a great story with you.  A friend of my daughter recently had a health crisis & like so many people nowadays he has no health insurance.  It was decided to have a fund raising auction for him.  A lot of different gift baskets & other creative things were put in a silent auction.  My daughter asked me if I could make something for the auction.  Since she is not a crafter, she does not realize that a week is not much time to come up with something spectacular (they think that these things are done in days not weeks or months). I remembered your Child's Ruffled Hat pattern.  I was able to get it done in time but rather than the silent auction it was decided to have a raffle. They sold 50 tickets at $10 each so that little hat raised $500 for a good cause.   That hat pattern is one of my favorites & now I know why.      Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas.      PS  I bought that pattern from the Allyn Yarn Shop.

End Quote.


What a lovely lady for not only her kind words but for the time and commitment she made to the auction and to a person in a time of need. 


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oh yea, I do have a blog

I have been so inundated in magazine deadlines that  I totally forgot that I even had a blog.  I have come to realize that this isn't my strong suit anyways.  So what do you do....delete the entire blog, keep it barely floating or learn to like it and use it like a diary?  The other thing I don't quite get is how people manage to photograph EVERY part of their knitting project, post it and write beautiful exerts on it while keeping up with the knitting and everyday life! 

So I was asked by Fibers Etc. to create a simple cowl that anyone can knit.  It had to use 1 skein of yarn (that was the easy part!) and it had to be unique (that was the clencher!).  You do realize that there are about 5,000 cowls on the market - right?  How many ways can you knit a circle that wraps around your neck?  I found this request almost mind boggling.  I am no Cat Bordhi where I can concoct new techniques and apply her mathematical mind. 

I must have sat for hours at a time just staring at the yarn.  I finally found a stitch pattern that I liked.  It is a reversible stitch that gave nice texture to the yarn.  I decided to just start knitting in the flat and see what might follow.  Once I got the length that I was looking for, I decided to finish it with a 3 needle bind off to see how it fit.  The fit was perfect but now I had a seam to cover.  That is where the idea came about to pick up sts along the bind off and knit a flap that would cover the seam and at the same time give the cowl some depth and texture.  I seamed the flap down and added a button for a final touch.  I am thrilled with the outcome.  It's an easy knit, it's a bulky knit that knits up in a day and it's like no other cowl out there - now that is amazing!  Sometimes I even surprise myself!
Pattern sells for $1.99 on Ravelry and yarn goes for around $10.  Gotta love that!

Baby alpaca and bamboo create a luxuriously soft yarn with a lovely drape made in a chunky weight with chainette construction. Chalet looks great knit at a wide variety of gauges and textures

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cape Cod Cardigan

  I was asked by Frog Tree yarns to design a cardigan using their newest yarn, Pediworsted yarn.  It's the worsted version of Pediboo.  They only had one color available but I love the natural colors so that wasn't an issue.  This cardigan begins with a blackberry/brambleberry stitch and graduates to an alternate slipped stitch.  Fun thing about the cardigan is the right side is purled throughout and the wrong side is where the stitch pattern is actually created.  It's a heavy sweater, ideal for crisp days.  There are several options for the front band, one being that the buttons are a tad off set.  Tabs like on the back could also be used with the buttons. 

 The back has a row of decreases where the tab is to cinch up the sweater for a nice drape. 
Pattern available March

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