Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oh yea, I do have a blog

I have been so inundated in magazine deadlines that  I totally forgot that I even had a blog.  I have come to realize that this isn't my strong suit anyways.  So what do you do....delete the entire blog, keep it barely floating or learn to like it and use it like a diary?  The other thing I don't quite get is how people manage to photograph EVERY part of their knitting project, post it and write beautiful exerts on it while keeping up with the knitting and everyday life! 

So I was asked by Fibers Etc. to create a simple cowl that anyone can knit.  It had to use 1 skein of yarn (that was the easy part!) and it had to be unique (that was the clencher!).  You do realize that there are about 5,000 cowls on the market - right?  How many ways can you knit a circle that wraps around your neck?  I found this request almost mind boggling.  I am no Cat Bordhi where I can concoct new techniques and apply her mathematical mind. 

I must have sat for hours at a time just staring at the yarn.  I finally found a stitch pattern that I liked.  It is a reversible stitch that gave nice texture to the yarn.  I decided to just start knitting in the flat and see what might follow.  Once I got the length that I was looking for, I decided to finish it with a 3 needle bind off to see how it fit.  The fit was perfect but now I had a seam to cover.  That is where the idea came about to pick up sts along the bind off and knit a flap that would cover the seam and at the same time give the cowl some depth and texture.  I seamed the flap down and added a button for a final touch.  I am thrilled with the outcome.  It's an easy knit, it's a bulky knit that knits up in a day and it's like no other cowl out there - now that is amazing!  Sometimes I even surprise myself!
Pattern sells for $1.99 on Ravelry and yarn goes for around $10.  Gotta love that!

Baby alpaca and bamboo create a luxuriously soft yarn with a lovely drape made in a chunky weight with chainette construction. Chalet looks great knit at a wide variety of gauges and textures

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