Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fair Isle Hat still needs a name

I still need a name - a good name for this new hat.  My initial thought - is it looks like some kind of Russian tapestry - and God only knows where I got that idea from!  I don't even know what Russian tapestry even looks like - or if it even exists!  So I may need Russian name for it.  There is a hemmed trim that you can't see and a 2-colored cable for the brim.  The rest of the hat is a fun Fair Isle print - using sock yarn.  I'm blocking it, then will finish the crowning with a 3-point finishing which should be fun and easy.  I'm thinking of finishing it in a 3-needle bind off in the green - maybe even adding mini tassels or I-cords to each tip.  I'm excited to finish it and get it on a model.  I can never tell if it's the look that I'm going for until I have it photographed on a model!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A few upcoming designs....

It's been awhile since I've posted an upcoming design.  I just finished a couple designs that will be coming out in a fall magazine and book that pretty much ate my January and part of my February.  My first design that I'm really excited about is the "starlight" hat - although the name may change.  It's a combination of colored cables and Fair Isle using Frog Tree Pediboo ( - which is a 3-ply sock weight yarn.  I need to change out the trim though.  I wanted to go straight into the cables but it's curling up too much so I am going to pull it out and add a hemmed trim - which is one of my favorites when it comes to a finished look.  I'm hoping to have this pattern released by April (still needs test knitting and tech editing).
This cabled cowl neck is 1 of 4 designs which will be a Sandra Singh exclusive (  I had posted earlier the hooded scarf in the Sandra Singh yarn.  This design will be on the same pattern along with another one which is being test knit at the moment.  The yarn used here is Malabrigo worsted weight in color Lettuce and I love love love the feel and look of this yarn!  This pattern is due out by March 1st (fingers crossed).  It will contain 4 designs, 2 cowls - 1 buttoned and in the flat, 1 in the round with no buttons and a top down hooded scarf and a bottom up hooded scarf.  4 designs with 4 looks - all very similiar though.

This design has been a long time in the making.  Using Brown Sheep Burley Spun, I've modified my Super Bulky Winter Vest, added some cool leather toggles/clasps to it and thrummed the collar.  Thrilled with the outcome - but still need to test knit, tech edit and actually write up the pattern!  I also want to add a ribbing to the front bands.    The one that will be test knit is a beautiful bright blue with black frog fasteners and black roving for the collar. 
Lastly, the Corn Maize sock - which is a play on names and a play on ribbing.  This simple design, using just knits and purls creates a very snug yet elastic fit.  The design looks like a corn maze to me - hence the name.  This sock is knit out of Sock hop yarn which is hand spun and hand dyed - and delicious to work with (  The test knit sock will be tested in Crystal Palace's Panda Superwash.  This design is perfect for variegated sock yarn.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bohus Stickning Class with Susanna Hansson

You know that a class is going to be great when you have 2 knitting buddies at your side! 
As for the knitting instructor, Susanna Hansson - she is a great instructor and I loved the history of Bohus Stickning, the yarn (50% merino, 50% angora) and the pattern that came with class.
I walked away from this class really understanding the Bohus Stickning background and will definitely be knitting something along those lines - although not in sweater form!   

 After 6 hours of class - this is all we got done!  I was working on a size 1 but would have preferred working a smaller size.  It was small and tedious work but worth the extra effort.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Janel Laidman class at Madrona Fiber Arts

Just took "Paint Your Toes" at Madrona Fiber Arts ( with Janel Laidman.
Her socks are breathtakingly exquisite!  As usual, I always find something new to learn. 

Have you every seen anything like this before?  These socks should be showcased in an art gallery - not hidden under pants and stuck in shoes!

Her design element is just striking.

According to Janel, these are the knitters favorite sock to knit.  Unbelievably gorgeous!

If you have learned everything there is to know in the knitting at least need to take a class for pure inspiration~it makes you re-think the everyday sock design.

I have 2 more classes with Janel tomorrow - so I'll update you with the rest tomorrow.  Oh - as for my mini xmas sock that we knit in class, I'll post that as soon as I get it done.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Teaching in Wooster, Ohio this June

I am just in the midst of booking my flight for Ohio. 
I go to TNNA (a wholesale Needlearts convention) every June - but this year, I'm making a stop in Wooster, Ohio at the Calla Lily shop to teach.

I'll be teaching 3 classes -
The Jogless striped Hat
Baltic Trims and Braids
Improve Your Look
These are amazing classes and you'll learn a ton!

I'll be teaching June 8th (Wednesday) all day.
This will be my first teaching gig outside of Washington state and I'm looking forward to it!
For more information:

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