Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fibers Fusion Northwest

This weekend was the first annual Fibers Fusion Northwest Expo.  I was fortuneate enough to be invited to teach Twining and alongside my class was a drop spindle class going on. 

 This event was a plethora of fluff and color!  Definitely more of a spinners world than a knitters world -- but that didn't stop me from finding treasures to purchase!

My  caramel roving is one of the colors in the top center of the picture

I found some roving that was a mix of wool and silk in the warmest and richest caramel color that I plan on using on a thrummed vest for myself.  I think it will be gorgeous!

Thees fibers came from http://  out of Portland and I was instantly drawn to her color pallettes. 

After the class was over, the class coordinator gave me the most beautiful hank of yarn (pictured below).  I was more excited for the unexpected hank of yarn than I was for the check!   It was such a warm thing to do and exactly my colors!  
You may find your favorite hank at her etsy shop:

color way is Peanut Butter and Jelly and the photo doesn't do the colors justice.  Gold tones through out with a splash of grape jelly

I look forward to going back next year - and maybe this time, taking a drop spindle class!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Loving this design!!!!!!!!

OMG-----I am all over this new design!  Still need to finish up the final touches....but I couldn't stand to wait any longer to reveal this new design!  The collar is thrummed using black roving.  I thrummed both sides of the collar where as the natural colored vest below was only thrummed on 1 side.  By thrumming both sides, it gives the allusion of fur!  And it is way too cute on as well.  Knit out of Brown Sheep Burley Spun on a size 15 needle basically took me a couple of evenings to complete and less than 3 skeins for this size M vest. 

The thrumming here is thinner and only on 1 side of the collar giving it a more natural fleece collar.

Pattern has length options from cropped as seen here to just below the belt as pictured above.  Just depends on whether you like your belt and your shirt tail to show or if you like it covering the entire beltline.  Vest is knit in 1 piece with a faux seam - hence, no seaming which is bulky when using such fat yarns.  I am even thinking that you could add a single thin row of roving around the armhole edge to create the look of a fur-lined vest.

This has been such a fun design to create.  I need to knit this up in children's sizes as well--which should be 1 skein of Burley Spun. 

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