Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fibers Fusion Northwest

This weekend was the first annual Fibers Fusion Northwest Expo.  I was fortuneate enough to be invited to teach Twining and alongside my class was a drop spindle class going on. 

 This event was a plethora of fluff and color!  Definitely more of a spinners world than a knitters world -- but that didn't stop me from finding treasures to purchase!

My  caramel roving is one of the colors in the top center of the picture

I found some roving that was a mix of wool and silk in the warmest and richest caramel color that I plan on using on a thrummed vest for myself.  I think it will be gorgeous!

Thees fibers came from http://  out of Portland and I was instantly drawn to her color pallettes. 

After the class was over, the class coordinator gave me the most beautiful hank of yarn (pictured below).  I was more excited for the unexpected hank of yarn than I was for the check!   It was such a warm thing to do and exactly my colors!  
You may find your favorite hank at her etsy shop:

color way is Peanut Butter and Jelly and the photo doesn't do the colors justice.  Gold tones through out with a splash of grape jelly

I look forward to going back next year - and maybe this time, taking a drop spindle class!

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