Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where have all the knitters gone????

I just got back from a south caribbean cruise. It took 2 long flights to get us to San Juan, Puerto Rico and 2 long flights back. We were on a ship with 3,200 other passengers for 7 days. I brought some socks to work on and the neon hot pink leg warmers to finish for my daughter. First of all - I had 3 sets of 24" metal circular needles in hand and had no problems making it through security. In the past, I always made sure I had bamboo or plastic. So that was nice not having my life support taken from me. But....I must say...where have all the knitters gone??? I didn't see anyone in any of the 4 airports nor on the ship knit nor crochet. Yikes. Nor did I have anyone approach me as in the past mentioning that they too knit and asking me about the project I was working on. Let me tell you - I saw plenty of bored and impatient travelers. Had they been knitters, they would have been more content sitting for hours on end - especially on these 5 hour flights. Yes, I did get the leg warmers done and just in time for the last bit of our winter! Pattern is out of a Dale of Norway booklet using their Falk Neon yarn.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Madrona Fiber Arts

This is the first year that I haven't taken some classes at Madrona Fiber Arts. I was, however, able to go to the open Market. Ran into some shop owners...saw a few friends...petted a few yarns. There is such a nice buzz to this event. It's just amazing at the knitting instructors that this "small" event captures. I saw Stephanie McPhee (taking a spinning class), Lucy Neatby's flaming bright hair and outfit whiz by and Nancy Bush was heading up for lunch (I've taken her Baltic Bobbles and Cables class - fantastic by the way). I saw names outside each classroom...Sally Melville, Jean Wong, Vivian Hexbro to name a few. It's one of those events that shouldn't be missed. Literally, the entire hotel is buzzing with knitters. They knit in the bar, they knit while waiting for lunch and they knit the night away in the hotel lobby. I'm headed back tomorrow - hopefully to buy some yarn (today was just scoping out the joint!)- and to meet up with a new knitting friend "Elizbo".

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Error on Basic Twined Ski hat (recent ones only)

Okay - so after slapping on reprints onto a green piece of cardstock paper and inserting them into a sheet protector for the past year...I decided to "upgrade" my way of doing things and become a "pro". I spent the first 2 weeks of January printing out a few patterns at a time. Checking every detail from the font size to the correct hyphens to consistency in my terminology. I scanned over and re-read every pattern to make sure that they were perfect when they went to press. In 1 month, I have sent 10 patterns to press out of my 30 designs. I'm taking it slow - not rushing (afterall, that's where mistakes are made!). So - I ship out some hefty orders. I get a call from Michigan saying that a customer sent back one of my patterns. The earflap instructions don't make sense. must be her! Well- low and behold, there was a significant error on my part! I attached the wrong instructions! I can't believe it! 5 days before my trip and I have to re-print and re-ship and quickly apologize to some of my biggest accounts! So - if by chance you have purchased this hat in the last month on white paper - not green. Then send me an email and I will PDF the correct instructions. Well - I guess I can go back to rushing - I made less errors!

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