Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

2-handed Fair Isle Class

The 2 handed Fair Isle class is next weekend and I'm just finishing up the photography, writing of the pattern, and re-doing the matching sock!  I still need to get it off to the tech editor and then off to the printers....yikes, how do I get myself into these terrible deadlines?!  It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for me wanting to change everything after the fact - and working on size 2 needles.   Like for instance, on this hat, the trim was supposed to be a hem.  Once I did the hem, I didn't like it.  It was too bulky.  So I changed it to a tiny roll which I like.  But then I thought that I would prefer if all 3 projects start and look the same.  So now I want to rewrite the pattern to begin with a 2 row seed stitch.  Also - I think the hat is just a tad snug - by say half an inch.  I can easily change the pattern but I don't have time to re-knit it so I think I'll have to write out the 2 trim options.  As for the gauntlets, love the look - but need to tweek the pattern.  The cuff was a tad tight on a few of my friends so want to work it up in 2 sizes.  Then the hand part of the gauntlet was a tad loose so I need to take out the increased darts.  Lastly, the socks.  I ripped it back because they feel an inch too big around the ankle.  Crunch time ...gotta go

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hats by the dozen....

Okay, so I kinda loved this no  thinking hat making.  All you do is go in the round, no charts to follow, no lace to work up - just plain old knitting.  I got carried away with this project.  I couldn't help myself with the color options.  I only had 4 colors to work - and only 4 skeins of 100 yds as well.  I was knitting them down to their last hair!  I so enjoyed this project.  I just hope that my students at Northwest Needle Market enjoy it as well.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Winter gauntlets

I'm working with Frog Tree yarns (http://www.frogtreeyarns.com/) - Pedipoo which is their newest sock yarn.  I'm designing a Winter Trio which will include socks and a matching hat.  This is the project I'll be using in my 2-handed Fair Isle class coming up. 

Since I'm working with such fine yarn and in such classic winter colors, I've decided to place darts up the center of the gauntlet for a more refined and shapely gauntlet.  I'm adding guesset shaping to the thumb  - which will give better shape and fit.  I originally thought I wanted the darts to be positioned on the bottom of the wrist where it wouldn't be visible.  However, now that I've tried it on, I almost prefer the darts to be placed on the top of the hand for some texture.  The gauntlets are reversible - so it could be worn either way.  For a more dramatic shape - the darts could be worked on both sides of the gauntlet - provided you have small wrists.  I may have to try that on the next pair to see if it's too restrictive.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

All American Day!

There is nothing more American than apple pie and the fair!  And you simply can not go to the fair without making your way through the animal petting farm.  Oatmeal the sheep was there and I couldn't stop hugging him.  His matted fur (?) was so thick, my fingers would disappear when I scriched (spelling???) him.  He was funny too because everytime I tried to take a picture of another animal, he would somehow get in the way and I'd get a picture of wool!  There was also baby alpaca's - absolutely adorable!  I just love the fair - and it seems that it seems that the fair is becoming a lost tradition.  Many of my friends and my children's friends no longer attend the fair.  Not sure why. 

 I walked through the exhibition hall where the quilts, knitting, canned foods and photography are displayed.  The workmanship is incredible!  I dragged my kids through the garden which is absolutely breathtaking with the grape vines cluttered with grapes, a vine patch full of zucchini, cucumber, squash and pumpkins and barrels full of beets, radishes and carrots.  It just makes you want to garden more!  They also have hands on demonstrations on making butter, milling flour and carding wool. 

Brett Micheals had a concert blaring in the distance - and Lexi was dancing through the crowd to his music.  Of course, the fair wouldn't be the same without the fried pickles (not bad), Elephant ears and the roasted corn.  The 4H cat show was underway and it's always fun to walk through the cat show where every single cat is curled up in their litter box and not in their bed that their 4H mothers had made for them.  I had so much fun, I'm going back this Tuesday with my brother and the girls. 

Friday, September 3, 2010

Shop Sample - jogless striped hat

Nothing like test knitting for myself!  Although, sometimes I prefer it as I can find my mistakes first before someone else does!  Actually - I am waiting for some yarn and I'm in between deadlines so I had some time.  I love what I call, my dead zone.  I can just knit without thinking.  This is where knitting therapy happens. 

This hat was knit out of Alpaca with a Twist - Baby Twist, DK weight yarn and it's just luscious to work with.  I'll be teaching this class at the Northwest Needle Market show in Tukwila, September 25 and at Yorkshire Yarns (http://www.yorkshireyarns.com/) late October.  This hat will actually reside permanently at Yorkshire Yarns along with the Alpaca with a Twist yarn for those of you that live in the Tacoma area. 

 It's just a fun and unique technique to striping in the round without the "jogs" or ladders.
I'm off to make the 2 striped hat now as I have plenty of yarn left over - gotta love 2 hats with 3 skeins!

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