Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Winter gauntlets

I'm working with Frog Tree yarns (http://www.frogtreeyarns.com/) - Pedipoo which is their newest sock yarn.  I'm designing a Winter Trio which will include socks and a matching hat.  This is the project I'll be using in my 2-handed Fair Isle class coming up. 

Since I'm working with such fine yarn and in such classic winter colors, I've decided to place darts up the center of the gauntlet for a more refined and shapely gauntlet.  I'm adding guesset shaping to the thumb  - which will give better shape and fit.  I originally thought I wanted the darts to be positioned on the bottom of the wrist where it wouldn't be visible.  However, now that I've tried it on, I almost prefer the darts to be placed on the top of the hand for some texture.  The gauntlets are reversible - so it could be worn either way.  For a more dramatic shape - the darts could be worked on both sides of the gauntlet - provided you have small wrists.  I may have to try that on the next pair to see if it's too restrictive.

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