Friday, September 17, 2010

2-handed Fair Isle Class

The 2 handed Fair Isle class is next weekend and I'm just finishing up the photography, writing of the pattern, and re-doing the matching sock!  I still need to get it off to the tech editor and then off to the printers....yikes, how do I get myself into these terrible deadlines?!  It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for me wanting to change everything after the fact - and working on size 2 needles.   Like for instance, on this hat, the trim was supposed to be a hem.  Once I did the hem, I didn't like it.  It was too bulky.  So I changed it to a tiny roll which I like.  But then I thought that I would prefer if all 3 projects start and look the same.  So now I want to rewrite the pattern to begin with a 2 row seed stitch.  Also - I think the hat is just a tad snug - by say half an inch.  I can easily change the pattern but I don't have time to re-knit it so I think I'll have to write out the 2 trim options.  As for the gauntlets, love the look - but need to tweek the pattern.  The cuff was a tad tight on a few of my friends so want to work it up in 2 sizes.  Then the hand part of the gauntlet was a tad loose so I need to take out the increased darts.  Lastly, the socks.  I ripped it back because they feel an inch too big around the ankle.  Crunch time ...gotta go

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