Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hats by the dozen....

Okay, so I kinda loved this no  thinking hat making.  All you do is go in the round, no charts to follow, no lace to work up - just plain old knitting.  I got carried away with this project.  I couldn't help myself with the color options.  I only had 4 colors to work - and only 4 skeins of 100 yds as well.  I was knitting them down to their last hair!  I so enjoyed this project.  I just hope that my students at Northwest Needle Market enjoy it as well.

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Knitting Nerds said...

Your class is gonna love it! I enjoyed making one for you. It was so quick and easy. This hat is the perfect quick knit for a gift too. Your class is going to have fun with this one!

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