Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Feminine Flair Jacket Fall Design

Here it is....the Feminine Flair Jacket - available this fall.  This jacket is a simple top down cardigan using a larger needle than the yarn called for to keep it light and airy.  Simple ribbing is strategically placed under the arms, center of the arms and center of the back to give subtle shaping and texture.  A ribbing is placed at the rib cage to pull in slightly, then an even larger needle is worked for the skirting to give the sweater movement and to avoid becoming too heavy in weight (this is a chunky yarn - ).   The construction makes this sweater extremely flattering for all body types.  For those of us less endowed, the closure can be moved over to create a criss cross/overlapping bodice.  I love working outside the norm - meaining working on larger needles than expected to give this chunky yarn more movement and allowing the sweater to be worn year round as opposed to just the cold winter months.  It also uses less yarn which makes it a more economical sweater as well.  You can also shorten the skirt - which would be just as cute. 

Sweater will be available for viewing at TNNA, Columbus at the Zealana Booth.  The pattern will be available for purchase mid-summer.


Knitting Nerds said...

I wish I would have made that size. It looks better one me than the one I made. Hopefully it will look just as nice doing the criss-cross on the front. I love it! It's very pretty and so quick to knit. You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

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