Saturday, May 29, 2010

Textured Socks - Fall design

These socks were created for Crown Mountain Farms - Sock Hop Club (  Sherri Hazen, my loyal test knitter, test knit up these socks using Cascade Heritage solid sock yarn (  She fell in love with this yarn - while I fell in love with the color (#5630).  It's a cuff down, simple 2 row pattern repeat with an oversized cable running down the center. 
Due out this summer as part of the fall collection.....
Thanks Sherri - you do awesome work -but I still think you have a knitting machine!  No one can knit as fast as you!

1 comment:

Knitting Nerds said...

THANKS! But I promise I don't have a knitting machine. Oh wait, actually I do have a knitting machine... there called "hands" :)

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