Monday, November 7, 2011

Yup....more thrumming

I know, I know...once I get onto a technique, I run with it until I can run no more.  Well -  I have all this excess roving sitting around and I am trying to use up my stash so I can justify this addiction.

I used Brown Sheep Burly Spun in hot pink and I made the buttons by creating a simple bobble with the roving and yarn held together.  Size shown is a 2T and took 1 1/2 skeins (approx. 175 yds of super bulky 1-ply wool).  Pattern will be written in toddler to size 8 years. 

I now have a skein left of each color or there abouts and left over roving too...oh no, I may have to make matching something!

1 comment:

Knitting Nerds said...

So so darn cute! Love the hot pink. I think I need to make one for my niece now.

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