Friday, December 16, 2011

This is why I design.....

I think for most designers, we don't necessarily design for the money.  I mean think about it, by the time I have knit, frogged, re-knit and written down the instructions - then added a few more sizes -- then paid a test knitter to knit up a sample - then paid a tech editor to check my numbers, add schematics and charts if necessary - then have the pattern professionally photographed -- then pay the model (I always give them something, even if it's a gift card!) -- then have the pattern professionally printed at a printing and graphics shop -- well, need I say more? 
There's not much left for us designers!

Then we have the usual "complaints".  The emails where they find our wording confusing or they don't understand what c4f means or they wish we could add more graphics or pictorials to the pattern.  Sometimes we even get faulted for their incorrect gauge or fiber choice!

And then......we get an email like this one:

I recently saw a model of your Old Fashioned Christmas Stocking displayed at my LYS (Webs).  I knew right away that I MUST knit this stocking!  They did not have any in stock yarn color as suggested in your wonderful pattern.  I had to substitute a thinner weight yarn and hold it doubled throughout.  This is not my favorite thing to do, but I digress.
What a joy to knit!  The end product was awesome!  I loved it so much that I knit a pair of the largest size and just gifted them to my newly wedded son and his wife!  They will be celebrating their first Christmas in their new home with your designed stockings  decorating their mantle!
Because the pattern was so well written I plan to
purchase many more of your designs in the future.Thank you very much!

Awwww....this is why I design! 
I just want someone to pat my back and thank me!

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