Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 2 of Madrona - and even better!

So day 2 of Madrona started out with a 9 am morning class.  Not only did both girls make the bus - but I also found great parking and had plenty of time to get a cup of coffee and get situated. 

The Instructor was Elise Duvekot and she lives in the Netherlands.  She was an excellent instructor who knew how to run a class! 

Here is a swatch of my work.  I should have photographed the wrongside as I loved the back side more than the front side.  The class was Columns of Cables, knit 1 below and it was a technique that is easy to do once you understand it.  I fell in love with the technique as well as her designs - a few were utterly gorgeous like the sweater that alternated between a lace weight mohair with a bulky wool (it was gorgeous without the weight) and the socks.

 The socks were beautiful and her workmanship is impeccably perfect.  Classes like this inspire me to improve my knitting and try new techniques.  The class was spendy but worth every penny!
I have a mini class tomorrow on Brioche knitting with Nancy Merchant (author of Brioche knitting) and I have high expectations that it will be just as good as my class was today.

Stay tuned....I'll be posting again tomorrow!

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