Thursday, August 6, 2009

Drum roll is open for business!

I even have my blocking mats set up for emergency blocking!
I even have my needles hanging in baskets on the wall (right to the left of the bookshelf) - circulars in the top basket, straight and ugly metals in the bottom basket.

I am so excited....I finally have a working office! After years of piling up papers, throwing partial skeins of yarn in unmarked bins and garments hidden in closets, plastic bags and more bins...I have organized my passion! I even have labeled every bin, filed every pattern draft and organized my knitting by season. Boy - I hope I can keep this up!
The bins under the blocking table are yarns separated by weight. The 3 stacking bins to the far right are my current projects that I'm working on.

What you can't see are the numerous bins of trunk show models and submission garments that need to be shelved in the craft room. I haven't showered and I'm not drinking water - thus I don't get distracted when I have to "go". My kids are bored and I'm missing some good daytime TV but I've got a killer working room now.
Now I just need to get rid of the "Alaska fishing" photo (behind the dress forms) and the "Jazz" poster above my head forms...they soooo don't go with my knitting theme....


Knitting Nerds said...

WOW... good for you! It looks awesome. Can you come over and do my room now? I hate even opening the door. I really need some inspiration. Love what you did. Now maybe I can get off my butt and do it. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Ellis Designs said...

I really needed intervention!

Knitting Nerds said...

You'll have to come over and see my room... I'm in BIG need of intervention. But, it's shameful and I don't think I have the guts to show it to anyone!

Lisa Ellis Designs said...

Why do you think that I never invited you downstairs before??? I was too embarrassed.

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