Friday, January 15, 2010

Knitting Favorites of 2009

I thought I better reflect on what I liked in the world of knitting for 2009.  I wish I had thought of this sooner as anything I liked last January has totally escaped my pee brain.  So here's my top
6 favorites for 2009:
1 - favorite yarn:  Zealana "Tui" for it's buttery feel when knitting  (
Though I have many favorite yarns for various reasons, Tui made the top of my list based on 3 critical points:  the feel when knitting, the rich colors of the yarn and the chunky weight of the yarn.

2 - favorite variegated yarn:  Crown Mountain handspun hand dyed sock yarn (
Since knitting with Crown Mountains handspun yarn, I've gained an appreciation for the handspun yarns.  When you feel like treating yourself to something new, try a hank of handspun yarn - it's worth the price.  It almost makes me want to learn how to spin!

3- favorite knitting gadgets comes from my close friend, Sherri - (  Her sock journals and stitch markers are my favorite and her sisters tote bag is a knitters staple.

4- favorite knitting teacher - Cat Bordhi (  Although I have had some incredible knitting instructors this past year (Sally Melville is my runner up), Cat was the most generous and gifted of the instructors.  Very approachable, very down to earth and full of energy.  As for my 2nd runner up - Sally Melville, well, she just made me look at sweater construction and design in a whole new light.

5- favorite book - The Essentail guide to Color knitting techniques by Margaret Radcliffe.  There are  few books that convince me to fork out $30.  This book did.  It's a fabulous book and it should be a staple for all knitters.

6- favorite events - TNNA ( and Madrona Fiber Arts (  TNNA is a wonderful event - excellent classes, the newest publications, designs, yarns and great networking.  It's where I have met some amazing people.  The energy in the air is exhilerating and it's truly a knitters vacation!  Madrona comes in as runner up because they too have the best of classes and instructors and a huge yarn market to satisfy all knitters and spinners alike.  It's truly a first class event.

So that sums up 2009 for me.  As for my least favorite part of 2009 .....learning, relearning and still not understanding Dreamweaver and maintaining my website.  It's so true that you can't teach old dogs new tricks!  I'll continue to try and I can only hope that next years 2010 favorites might just be "maintaining my website".


pressly said...

Nice List! TNNA is on mine as well. Nice to see the Zealana Tui on your list! What have you knitted with this yarn? I'm trying to organize a knitalong of the ribbed cardy in winter vogue on ravelry.. but the tui is not listed over there, nor the pattern-- so we may have to postpone until more people know about it.

Lisa Ellis said...

well - my Tui design was snatched up at TNNA by Voque - with plans on using it in a fall edition. So mums the word. I have some more Tui in Teal and am just now sketching out a cardigan.

Are you going to TNNA in Columbus? I'll be there!

Anonymous said...

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