Monday, March 29, 2010

Photoshop class is starting....

Okay - here I go again, back to school to learn a bit about photoshop.  I am so scared (3 hours long...I wonder if I can listen and knit???) and excited all at the same time.  Business has hit an all time low so this is really an ideal time for me to catch up with the times.  I have 2 new spring patterns being released this week - thanks to my trusty and quick test knitter Sherri Hazen.  I'm also finishing up the Zealana Aspire - Tui cardigan for TNNA in June.  I'm expecting to be done with the sweater by this week.  So I'm feeling fairly good.  I even managed to get some heavy yard work done (weeding, pruning, planting gladiola bulbs and some veggies...shelling and snow peas/carrots/beets/lettuce) over the weekend which basically gives myself a green light to knit for the rest of the week in between classes.  The plumber comes over  today for the beginning of our bathroom and laundry room remodel so a ton is going on at the moment - all good though.

I'm excited to put my photoshop skills to use - so don't be surprised if I start uploading some zany images to my blog...we'll call it extra credit homework!

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