Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Organizing accepted submissions

A month later, and several emails sweating over lost yarn...I finished my deadline with not a moment to spare. 

It's always a huge stress reliever to mail off the project and pattern and clean up the aftermath which takes over my office floor.  I collect the aftermath in a large mailer envelope for safe keeping.  All accepted submissions envelopes are labeled with the publishing house, the name of the project and the book it was designed for.  Inside the envelope is the contract, submission sketches, swatches, pattern writing guidelines, yarn labels, snippets of yarn, pay stubs, postal service receipts, any communication with the tech editors/yarn companies and all rough drafts of the pattern.  This way, if there is a technical question down the road or any question for that matter, I can pull out the file and hopefully find what I need. Down the road, this too will probably need improving... but for now, it has worked well. I now need to find a file drawer that I can dedicate to these bulky mailers. The above submission can be found in Circular Knitting Redefined.

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