Thursday, June 3, 2010

Zoo yarn????

Today was my youngest daughter's field trip to Woodland Park Zoo.  My favorite all time animal is the snow leopard.  The cat family is my favorite animal category with the snow leopard in the top heap.   So - to my delight, we came across the snow leopards.  There were 2 of them and they were in plain sight.  Next to them was a small exhibit.  Not sure exactly what the exhibit was for - but it was freshly sheered camel (??) hair, camel roving and a ball of camel yarn.  So, jokingly, I told the attendant that I would like to buy a skein of yarn.  Much to my surprise - she said that they actually sold the yarn in the gift shop!  I called my best friend - Sherri (also known as my test knitter) - who was also on the same field trip.  She was in the penguin exhibit and had by passed the snow leopards.  I told her about the yarn and she bee-lined to the gift shop - making it there way before me.  Here's what I got.....

The proceeds go to the snow leopard conservation program as well as to  the Mongolian Nomadic women and families.  It's camel wool - and it's one of the only means of livelihood for the nomads.  The color is hard to describe - I would say a charcoal grey with black and dark green undertones and brown fibers.  Wow - too hard to describe in words.  Cost was $27 for 150  - 200 yds.  I'm thinking of making myself some mittens/gloves or fingerless gloves.

Oh - and here is my lovely child....  feeding a bird - the highlight of the trip.

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