Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another deadline....

Well I can't post any pictures - but I am finishing up 2 deadlines for an upcoming Winter knitting magazine. I'm very happy with both designs but I hate deadlines...they just un-nerve me.  And everytime I look over my instructions, I either start changing numbers around - because I don't trust myself or they don't look so good on paper, or they don't have rhythm.  Then I just start making mistakes by confusing myself!  I guess the worst part of the whole process is that I don't know how I compare to the other contributing designers. 

Do they just plug in numbers and stick to it without re-adjusting? 
Do they work and re-work their pattern - racking up the hours and diminishing the hourly pay from $1 to 10 cents an hour? 
Are they more careless than I - or am I more green?
Does the Tech Editor have more red ink stains on my pattern than anyone elses? 
Do they add unhappy faces to mine?

 I guess the only way to build confidence or at least know where you stand against the other designers would be to tech edit on the magazine end.  That way, you could see what the various designers have submitted and be re-assured that they make just as many mistakes as you do and that their numbers don't make any more sense.  This is my 2nd magazine, and my 7th book contribution.  It would be nice to get past the "I wish I knew my strengths and weaknesses".  Although there is no time for a feedback sheet - or a sliding point system like at school, it would definitely let us know if we need to improve our skills on the next batch of designs or if we are doing just fine as is.

I have to get them both off by tomorrow - so gotta go.  I'm thinking of going on a hyiatus (spelling???)...and knit a piece for myself using another designers design - yes, that being Nicky Epsteins Aran Gala sweater.  It would put me temporarily out of commission but I think I've had all the deadlines I can handle for 1 year. 

Oops - forgot, I still have a few more projects that need tending to!

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Knitting Nerds said...

You are an AMAZING designer... don't doubt yourself!

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