Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gearing up for Winter Designs 2011

Fall designs have been launched, classes at Northwest Needle Market have been taught and I have pretty much wrapped up 3rd quarter.  I always take a break between the seasonal designs and try to wrap my head around organizing the desk (again), sketching the new designs and checking on all of my on-line accounts to be sure they've received and uploaded the fall designs.

I go over my list of "submission proposals" - much which has been missed.  My deadlines and their deadlines don't seem to match well so I miss more proposals then I actually submit.  In fact, I haven't sent out any proposals this fall which means I've missed them all for the next 6 months.  Oh well...I probably needed the break.

So this week I think I'll try and conquer my list.

1-sketch design for Madrona Fiber Arts this February
2-swatch sock for Sock Hop club (due this November- better put an alert on this one)
3-post an iddy biddy winter trio errata (2 sentences were transposed)
4-finish a new design for Allyn Knit and Spin
5-print 4 old patterns in the new template (Faux baby hat, happy hallo-twining, spring gauntlets, unisex vest)
6-check on student count for upcoming class at Yorkshire Yarns (October 16)
7-finish Zealana yarns winter hat and create a You-Tube instructional for the hat
8-sketch a non-sock design using Frog Tree Yarns in Pediboo sock yarn for TNNA, Long Beach (January)
9-check website for improvements and updates
10-finish cowl neck on flattering summer shell for Frog Tree Yarns, Long Beach (January)
11-keep checking for new book on How to Knit Mittens, House of White Birches (I have 2 designs in the book) and new winter edition of Love of Knitting magazine (I have 2 designs)

This should keep me busy through the week....

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Knitting Nerds said...

Oh my gosh... can you get any busier? I don't know how you do it. You amaze me!

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