Sunday, October 3, 2010

Got me some sample/test knitters

I have been on the search for some fabulous test and sample knitters.  It's hard to find good sample knitters.  First of all, the pay is lousy.  Second of all, I keep the knitted pieces.  Third of all, we are going into the holiday knitting season so everyone is trying to crank out their own knitting first.

I finally got up the nerve to search for sample knitters on Ravelry.  The response was enormous!  Not only did I get a good response, many of them gave me a run down of big time designers that they regularily test knit for.  Once you throw out a recognizable name, I'm convinced you gotta be good.

I sent out 3 socks, 1 hat, 1 cowl and 1 XL sweater ....all to be sample knit.  I am working with one yarn company that buys all of the samples for their booth displays and will sell them as well to the yarn shop owners.

In the past, I've only had most of my patterns test knit by 1 person per project.  Now that I have 4 different knitters on 1 pattern sock, I am noticing that each knitter brings new comments, suggestions and even questions that the others didn't.  These knitters are truly perfecting the pattern for me in more ways than you would realize.  It's not so much that I am looking for errors in the pattern but I am also wanting feedback.  Did you enjoy knitting it?  Did it fit you just right?  Do you like the reversible look?  Would you knit it again?  Do you like the look of it?  If I can't get positive feedback on the questions, then the pattern it too hoo hum to print.

A design is not successful without the tech editors, test knitters and sample knitters behind it.

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Elly said...

You are so sweet! You're designs are so beautiful, I'm happy to help perfect your patterns for you!

~ Elly ~

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