Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fashion Design Sketching Class

 Our last sketching class just ended.  My intent was to take the class so that my design submissions would at least be presentable to the book/magazine editors.

I actually learned a few things along the way but what I enjoyed even more was taking an adult class with my daughter for the first time.  I learned that the colors I use in my designs are rather drab in comparison with my 14-year old that spits out color.  I also learned that my designs COMPLETELY cover up the model from head to toe whereas the teenager has her models skantly dressed and showing belly buttons or cleavage.  I don't think any of her designs have sleeves on them what so ever and most were mini skirts or shorts that were way too short for school!

My drawings:  Note the long sleeves, high collars, pants - dreary grey and black.  Basic hair too.
 HER designs - bright colors, fun, flirty - vivacious!
She loved the class and now wants to be a fashion designer.

Our classroom was in the sewing room.  They had open sew lab on the days we were there.  Now she wants to learn how to sew and make her own outfits.  Great experience for both her and I.

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Sue said...

I love it that you got to have this experience with Tally. Since you and I are on the same 'color wheel' does that mean that we're both no longer hip? Maybe we'd better start wearing a little bit more electric green!

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