Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Finally - the Hooded Scarves and Cowls collection, now available

This one took awhile - but I am so happy with the final outcome.  You know, you start with an idea, you knit it, frog it, rip it and re-start it.  You try and visualize it, you try to add new elements and different techniques.  You basically try and get into the knitters head to see what they might be wanting knit from the technique to the style.  Each time I finished a design I would think....what if I did this and that and before you knew it, I was up to 4 designs all very similiar in style but different in techniques.  1,680 yards later - and I've managed to knit up (with the help of a very special sample knit of course!)
3 cowls and 3 hooded scarves.

It feels great to finally be able to launch it after so many months.  Pattern is fully written as well as done in charts. 

Pattern only available through Sandrasingh.com (see link below).


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