Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Regal Silk by Artyarns

I have this thing for fibers that contain silk or cashmere.  It might just be the fancy name, then too, it could be that a long time ago (when I first started knitting), such fibers were hard to come by and too expensive to afford.  Nowadays, they can be found at nearly every local yarn shop from a silk blend to a pure silk and at the price point we knitters can afford. 

This scrumptious yarn is 100% silk - oh yea, I'm definitely in heaven now!  The reason that I love silk so much is that silk absorbs color dyes so well.  The hues are vibrant and deep.  The other reason is that there is no other fiber that has such a high sheen to it.  And of course, the obvious, that silk feels like butter against the skin as well as when knitting it. 

Silk is definitely an affordable luxury these days- I believe that's an oxymoron??? 

I may not be able to tell you about the luscious design that this silk will become, but I hope that during your summer travels, stopping at local yarn shops along your route, you stop to buy a few silk hanks as a treasure of your travels.  I can't imagine a more decadent scarf or shawl ---all done in silk!

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