Friday, July 1, 2011

Stitch-n-Pitch, Cheney Stadium

Had a great time at the Stitch n Pitch, Cheney Stadium last night!  Weather was beautiful, had my knitting BFF by my side and an easy "just knit" project with me. 

We weren't sitting with the other knitters because they were in the shade and it was a tad cold in the shade so we chose to isolate ourselves and be warm!

In my haste to run out the door, I threw on my daughters sandals which are identical to mine - only in a few sizes larger than mine!  I thought they felt funny.....

This was also the first time that I actually stayed for an entire game - EVER!  9th inning and we have a tie - 5 to 5.  Someone hits it out of the ballpark - and wham, we win the game!  It was really fun to see -
The low of the night......couldn't find any red hoo hoo.  High of the night....ate a delicious salmon burger while catching up with a close friend - Sonya from Yorkshire Yarns and of course having the entire evening with Sherri!

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