Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years everyone!

Happy New Years everyone!  2011 was a struggle in so many ways for me and my family as well as our world.  Although, it could have been worse so no time to lament - let's look forward to a brighter year.

I am a traditionalist is every sense of the word.  I love traditions and live by many of them.  One of them is the good ole New Years Eve Resolutions that I do every year.  Of course, it's the usual list-----
eat better, exercise more, go more green and organic, waste less, find more time for me, find more time for my family and friends and so on and so on.

I really should just type it out on an 8x10 paper and frame it above my computer.  Visually seeing the resolution might keep me better focused.

Whether you still carry on this tradition or not, find the time to reflect on what you wish to change in your life - what needs improving upon or what just needs a slight tune up.  Reward yourself for the good things you have done and don't criticize yourself for ones you fell short on.

I think I'll take 3 of my favorite words and apply them to this new year:  Inspiration, Passion and Joy.  Everything I do needs to touch upon this words.

Happy New Year and God bless each and everyone of you this year!


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