Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm just not paid enough for all this hard work!

 First try at the chart - and about 10 hours into it

Up until this pattern, I have been paying my tech editor to create my charts and schematics.  She does such a wonderful job and so efficiently that there really was no reason for me to learn.  However, I am now re-thinking this.  I suppose that I should learn to be self sufficient so I bought a software program that does charts.  This has been a huge learning curve for me - in fact, it has eaten up my week! 

Second try at the chart - about 20 hours into it

I have pulled out my hair...sworn up and down....believe that there are horrible glitches to the program...and question who in their right mind spends this much time to create a $5 pattern!  Am I nuts? 

It definitely makes me wonder why there are so many people willing to create FREE patterns when there is so much work involved to create a GOOD pattern. 

My next challenge will be to create my own schematics.  I have the software---have had it for several years but not sure if I am willing to kill another 20 hours trying to learn something that I can pay my tech editor for.  She makes everything look so easy!  Maybe I'll fly to Florida where she lives and pay her to show me how she does it....wouldn't that be nice!

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