Sunday, June 10, 2012

TNNA preview design

 Here's a preview of the designs that I will have at the TNNA show in Columbus.  The 2 hat in 2 techniques for Him and Her will be on display at the Frog Tree Yarns Booth.  The yarn is brand new and is called Ewetopia.  It's a equal blend of superwash merino wool and wool with a subtle spin of 2 colors.  It's light worsted and made in Peru.

The ladies hat is knit in a simple Fair Isle pattern with the same hemmed trim as the man's version. 
 The man's version is Double Knit - making it a perfect reversible hat and double thick as well.  The darker hat is the right side where as the lighter hat is the inside of the hat.

The 2 hats use 4 skeins of Ewetopia and this pattern should be available by July 1st.

 I used two different crown shapings.  Both hats were divided into 4 sections.  The Fair Isle hat - or "her" hat has 2 knit sts in the center of each section with the decreases on each side of the knit sts. 
Whereas the Double Knit beanie or "his" hat is sectioned off the same way - but with no knits in between the decreases.  When working with double knitting, this crown shaping is clean and simple but when used in a Fair Isle version - there will be large holes and openness that would look better on a lace hat than a Fair Isle hat.

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