Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Knitting fingers on fire for Christmas this year!

There has been some years where I knit up a storm for Christmas (like the time I decided that all 15 of my nieces and nephews needed new ski hats for Christmas -- and the thought came to me on December 1st!) while other years (like the past 3 teen years) where I didn't knit a single gift.  I miss the busy knitting fingers.  I miss the late night knit nights trying to finish in time.  I miss the constant reminder of who I am knitting for and how much they'll love it. 

So this year, in conjunction with my New Years Resolution to downsize my yarn stash, I decided to rummage through my personal LYS closet and see what I can't use up.  I made a mess doing it but ended up finding 7 different skeins of yarn for 4 projects.  4 hats, 2 infinity cowls and 1 pair of socks.

Next, I cruised the Ravelry pattern pages trying to marry partial skeins with patterns.  Huge success in minimal wasted time.

So this seasons series will be on my Christmas Creations using existing stash (which also means free gifts!)


Project 1:  Tally's Hunter Rain Boot Socks.


Yarn:  1 skein of Cascade Eco-Wool

Needles:  US 10

Seriously excited about these and super quick and fun to create. 

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